Instructions for use

The exercises shown in the site are used to develop / improve technique, precision and sound cleanliness.You should start studying with the metronome turned on at a very slow tempo (40-50 bpm) which then gradually accelerates.
The videos are provided with sheets, and, where necessary, with metronome. The study is mainly based on three types of shapes: single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles that are developed in different ways and combinations. Equally important are the musical embellishments (especially flams and drags).
These exercises represent, in my opinion, the basic elements that allow you, once you’ve learned them, to play anything you want. In fact, in this case, no matter the genre the drummer plays (Jazz, Pop or Heavy Metal) he will necessarily use single strokes, doubles strokes, flams etc. to express his musicality and talent.The exercises, if studied thoroughly and with patience, will allow him to easily play any musical genre in the correct way.

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